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Commercial enterprises in every industry – especially the financial sector – can’t overlook the security and safety of their premises. It’s important to rely on a trusted industry professional like CIM Group when designing, engineering, and installing a CCTV network (closed-circuit television). These high-profile systems provide visible camera surveillance for your property so you have a visual record of everything that happens across your premises, while the cameras themselves effectively deter would-be trespassers and unauthorized personnel. At CIM Group, we’ve made it our company mission to provide custom CCTV solutions that deliver effective protection for your property at an affordable price point.

We’re CCTV Specialists

When it comes to CCTV engineering, CIM Group makes a difference through our proven experience, our extensive knowledge, our commitment to professional quality, and our impressive turnaround time. Protecting your property investment is important, and CIM Group can help you select from some of the industry’s finest CCTV equipment and networking options to ensure you have dependable, uninterrupted surveillance of your location. Our onsite CCTV installers and networking technicians are fully trained to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues as they arise during the setup, and we’ll inspect and test your new CCTV systems to ensure maximum performance before the project is finished.